About Us

Mission Statement

The Market Made is dedicated to making your home and workspace a reflection of yourself and your style through custom handmade decor, unique home goods, and experiences you can accessorize.

The Story

The Market Made exists because a few too many people have told me I'm not good enough. The best way to motivate me is by telling me I can’t do something. 

Now, The Market Made is proving those people wrong about us, about other startups, and about other women-owned businesses. The Market Made’s name originates from the idea of a market, a gathering place of merchants, vendors, and artisans. The Market Made will have a storefront one day that will be a community of creativity and innovation. For now, we want your homes to become that gathering place of warmth, hospitality, and a reflection of yourself and family. Join us on our journey!


Core Values

Community Service | Sustainability | Respect | Education | Empathy | Humor

Vision Statement

The Market Industries, LLC is dedicated to becoming an employee-owned company offering a variety of products, experiences, and services for your home while lifting up other Michigan-based businesses and local nonprofits.


The Market has set specific goals for the future of the company. The Market Industries primary goal is to offer employee-ownership opportunities. The second is to only use eco-friendly, sustainable packaging and recycled shipping supplies to reduce waste. The last goal is to expand the brand to support local crafters, artisans, and collaborate with entrepreneurs to help our local community and economy thrive. As we grow, we want to ensure The Market Industries positively impacts the surrounding communities and becomes a pillar for economic & artistic development.