Where to Hang Air Plants? 5+ Creative and Fun Places to Hang Your Air Plant Decor in Your House or Office Space

Where to Hang Air Plants? 5+ Creative and Fun Places to Hang Your Air Plant Decor in Your House or Office Space

Where and how to hang your air plants and decor? We got you!

This is a VERY common question we are asked at shows and is a top requested blog post. Below, we give you ideas of where to hang air plants and other types of hanging plants and how to hang them.

Hanging Plants from Driftwood

1. Refresh Your Entryway:

  • You could hang a row of small hanging planters or air plant holders to welcome guests with a touch of greenery.
  • Add a pop of color with multi-layered hanging baskets to hold not only plants, but ALSO keys, sunglasses, or other essentials for a functional and decorative entryway.
    • You can do this by adding decorative hooks on the walls, door, or from a wall plaque!
  • Or, you can get creative and hang plants from a unique item like driftwood, a branch, or metal artwork.
    • We recommend finding a stud for heavy decor pieces and make sure to use proper wall anchors.

2. Spruce Up Your Living Room:

  • Create an eye-catching gallery wall with a mix of wall decor, such as metal air plant holders and unique art pieces.
  • Hang air plant terrariums and other plants from the ceiling in a cluster to introduce a captivating focal point and a hint of nature.
    • You can do this by adding a decorative ceiling hook for lightweight decor or for heavy duty items, look for a Ceiling Mount Utility J-Hook.
  • You could also hang decor and air plants in the windows from the curtain rods.
    • Pro Tip: For air plants, please make sure it is a north or east window, NOT a south or west window. 

Hanging Plants on Floating ShelfHooks on Floating Shelf

3. Elevate Your Office Space:

  • Install a floating shelf on the wall, adorned with a row of small hanging plants or air plant decor to liven up your work area.
    • You could add small hooks underneath the shelf to hang decor from it!
  • Hang a stylish metal air plant holder or hanging basket next to your desk to keep stationery or small items within reach.
    • If you have a window, you can hang air plant decor from the curtain rods as long as it is north or east facing.

Blanket Ladder with Hanging Plant

4. Transform Your Bedroom:

  • There are sooooooo many good places to hang decor from such as: windows, doors, closet, mirrors, lighting, or on the walls!
  • For example: Install wall-mounted hooks or brackets above your bed to hang elegant macrame plant hangers with cascading greenery. It is stunning!
  • Or, create a cozy reading corner with a hanging build your own terrarium, adding a calming touch to your personal space.
    • You can easily add an industrial pipe or Corner Hanging Bar on the wall to hang our air plant terrariums, decor, lights, or even clothing!
  • Lastly (and my personal favorite), you can DIY or purchase a blanket ladder that can be used as storage AND to display plants on!

Air Plant Magnets with Gnomes

5. Brighten Up Your Kitchen:

  • Depending on your kitchen, there is a lot you could do with open shelving, which you could hang decor from.
  • If you have enclosed cabinets, consider mounting light and small decor to the plain sides of the cabinetry, to add some detail and life to a boring space!
  • Utilize the vertical space by hanging a set of herb planters in the kitchen. Enjoy fresh herbs for your culinary adventures!
  • Some other great kitchen areas to add decor to are:
    • Refrigerators (Air Plant Magnets),
    • Windows (Sills, Curtains, Add Cup Hooks to the Frame),
    • Above Kitchen Sinks,
    • Decorative Lighting,
    • Add a Ceiling Mount J-Hook,
    • Towel Bar, and I'm sure there are many other possibilities!

Towel Bar with Hanging PlantHanging Plants and Terrariums in Bathroom

6. Revitalize Your Bathroom:

  • There are numerous ways to display plants in the bathroom. Plus, your air plants will love it!
  • Some ideas are:
    • Hang a set of small, humidity-loving plants (like air plants) in a corner of your bathroom as a focal point.
    • Create a relaxing ambiance with hanging glass terrariums. The transparent glass adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.
    • You could display plants on towel rods or hooks, window rods, or the shower rod.
    • If you have a glass shower, using heavy duty suction cups to hang light decor from is always gorgeous. Suction cups could also work on wall-anchored mirrors and some tiling!
    • REMEMBER, bathroom decor especially if you do not have a fan should be moisture-resistant!
  • The bathroom is where you can get extremely creative because there are so many different ways and areas to hang plant decor from!

Hanging Basket Outside on Fence

7. Bonus Content: Outside Tips!

  • Do you want to hang air plants outside?
    • If so, you need to make sure they will not blow away, not receive direct sun, and they do not get directly rained on.
  • Instead of them battling non-native weather conditions (e.g. if you buy them in Michigan where I live), you could also display them on a 3-season or enclosed porch and the same rules apply! Make sure to bring them back inside in the early fall!

Outside Hanging Wicker Basket

    Enjoy a refreshing atmosphere while surrounded by the beauty of nature in your home or workspace!

    Remember, these ideas are just the starting point. Feel free to mix and match the hanging decor and placement ideas to suit your unique style and space. With a bit of creativity, you can turn any nook of your house or office into a delightful and inviting area with hanging decor. Happy decorating!