SELL YOUR HOUSE (5 Ways to Increase Resale Value, Sell Your House Faster, & What to Focus On)

SELL YOUR HOUSE (5 Ways to Increase Resale Value, Sell Your House Faster, & What to Focus On)

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This is my first blog post ever. So, thank you for stopping by! Today, I am blogging about selling your home! It is a hot market right now! Therefore, I wanted to provide you some insight:

  • 5 Ways to Increase Resale Value, which shows you How to Sell Your Home Faster, And What to Focus On

I will try to keep this quick, clear, and as concise as possible! If you don't want to read, you can watch my YouTube Video on this exact subject! These are some of the things my spouse, Jeff, and I have learned along the way, as we continue to invest in real estate. I hope this helps you and make sure to read to the end for a bonus tip!

5 Ways to Increase Your Resale Value
  1. Curb Appeal
    1. Why is this important?
      1. It is the first impression of your home whether in person or online. 
      2. Since people shop online more, making sure your yard is properly taken care of will help attract better buyers to take time out of their day to visit your home.
    2. There is a ton of research online about what you can do to increase value related to landscape!
      1. e.g. Zillow came out with a report in 2018 that a blue/navy or charcoal front door increased the value of the home.
      2. So, do some research about what is selling in your market!
    3. Examples:
        1. Power Wash Your House, Your Driveway, and Sidewalk
        2. Pull Out and Spray Weeds
        3. Mow and Edge Your Yard
        4. Clean The Outside of Your Windows
        5. And the BEST TIP: Talk to your realtor about when you will be listing. This way, you can look up seasonal flowers to make sure they will be the prettiest when you list it!
        6. If you can't afford expensive landscaping, keeping it clean and well-maintained goes a long way! Just taking care of your yard will give you a good advantage over other real estate listings.
  2. Lighting
    1. Why is it important?
      1. People can see better when walking through your home.
      2. It significantly helps when taking photos for the real estate listing.
      3. Better lighting actually helps with visual appeal AND memory!
      4. It also makes a room feel larger.
    2. Examples:
      1. Replace Light Bulbs
      2. Clean Your Light Fixtures
      3. Make Sure the Photographer or Realtor Comes in the middle of the day for photos when the lighting is best!
3. Clean Your House!
    1. Why is it important?
      1. You want people to know that you are taking care of your home and the best/easiest way to do this is by cleaning it.
      2. You want potential buyers to experience better walk throughs/open houses.
    2. Examples:
      1. Dusting Everything
      2. Vacuum, Swiffer, Wipe Down Countertops and Surfaces
      3. Use a Spray or Lightly-Scented Plugins if you don't have time to do a quick clean of your house before a showing.
      1. Because SMELL is the strongest sense for memory. When people see multiple houses in a short period of time, they remember two types of houses: stinky ones and good smelling ones.
4. Timing Is Everything!
    1. Why is it important?
      1. It could dictate how many potential buyers see it.
      2. It could dictate what type of person will see it.
      3. There is a lot that goes into timing that can either help or hinder your process.
    2. Examples:
      1. Research Best and Worst Times to Sell in Your Area
      2. Research the Local Market and Your Target Market
        1. Example: If you have a single-family household, you need to research school districts because families normally search for homes and move during the summer time.
      3. If you are doing renovations, you have to property time orders, contractors, your realtor, listing, etc. If you don't, you may miss the prime time for the market, which could impact how much money you make or if you can even sell it.
5. Home Improvements
    1. Why is it important?
      1. People are normally willing to pay more when extra expenses are out of the way or appear to be already handled.
      2. It also mitigates risk for potential buyers if larger financial concerns/risks are significantly reduced.
    2. Examples:
      1. New Appliances
      2. Boiler/Furnace
      3. Water Heater
      4. Siding and Roofing
      5. Water Damage and Pipes
      6. Electrical
Bonus Tip(s)!
  1. List of Upgrades to Focus On and the Estimated Value
  • Kitchen Remodel - Value Varies Greatly
    • ROI (return on investment) should be up to 50% of kitchen remodel cost and some instances up to 90%.
  • Bathroom - Up to 3-5% on Average
    • Could be more if it is a more serious remodel.
  • Painting lite neutral colors
    • Normally, these colors attract more potential buyers, but value varies.
  • Upgrading Appliances - Value Varies Greatly
  • Unique features - Value Varies Greatly 
    • e.g. Heated Floors, Motion Sensors, Security System, etc.
  • Landscape Upgrades - Value Varies Greatly
  • Add an Extra Bedroom/Bathroom/Storage Space
    • Finished Basement - Up to 30%
    • Attic Space - Up to 15%

I hope these tidbits help you with selling your home or getting it ready to sell! If you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email, . You could be featured in a blog post! You can also join The Market Made email list to stay up-to-date on blog posts, YouTube updates, and new products! Thank you for joining me and I look forward to continuing to support you!

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