I Feel Stifled By Time

I Feel Stifled By Time

Hello and I wish my body would permit me to sleep less so I could have more time in the day...

I recently applied to Start Garden 5x5 night, but not for what you would think. It is still technically under my brand, The Market Made, but it is of course another business venture!

It is another big vision of mine to launch an eco-friendly, sustainable athleisure apparel line that is (hopefully) locally sourced. Currently, I am working with a dear friend and local fashion designer, Natasha Chiba Munoz, to launch this line and I will be helping with her's too!

This is the vision in a quick, excessively succinct list:

1) Find a local supplier to create a prototype that is inclusive to all body types!
2) Launch The Market Made Line via Kickstarter with the help of influencers and you all!
3-10) Work on Her Business and Launch It!
11) Reach out to Local Vendors, Designers, Creatives, etc. to create a fashion show!
12) Grow this collaborative group to be a Grand Rapids powerhouse of fashionistas, small businesses, artists, creators, etc. reinforcing that Grand Rapids is a fashion and art destination to experience!


It seems excessively ambitious, but we believe it is possible and we hope you do too! Time is not on our side and we will need all of the support we can get to make this vision into a reality.

You may think, "Well, she is doing too much." Or, "Her other business is not even successful yet." I would rather be doing too much and shoot my shot than wait for others to decide to buy from me or support me. I faced death in 2014 and skirted death in 2020. I'm not waiting anymore.

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